Monday, May 28, 2012

Saint Bart’s Island

Saint Bart’s island is relatively unspoiled tropical island with an abundance of beautiful and isolated beaches, which loan from elegant French , and the relief afforded by an island. Saint Bart’s, located near Puerto Rico, is an exclusive place where you can relax, you can shop, you can ride a luxury yacht.
Saint Barthelemy, as it is called in French, St. Barts island, how Americans call it, has become the preferred destination for celebrities, you can meet there your favorite star. Because of heavenly landscape, the island is often used for pictorials in swimsuits. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is currently Philippines' number one tourist destination. This paradisiacal island offers one of the best beaches in the world, a tropical climate, good food, a party scene, and many activities for the visitor. White Beach is the biggest tourist attraction of the island. It covers 4 km, so space will not be a problem. With white sand and clear blue water, Boracay is known as the most exotic island in the world.

Bali Island

Bali is an island known as the Island of the Gods. The Island is a blend of harmony, dance, mystery and natural splendor. Bali is a tourist favorite place second in the world to use their spare time. Bali Island is not only one of the 18,000 islands of Indonesia, it is also an exotic paradise, a tropical island known for its culture and traditions preserved over the ages. Among the natural attractions of the island you can find extensive sandy beaches, volcanoes over 3,000 meters high, rapi rivers, sacred caves and lush rainforest.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic , one of the Best Beaches In The World is the perfect destination for holiday,  for those who want sophisticated luxury, for those who want adventure, art and culture, or even for those who just want some relaxing days on the white sandy beaches. Sports all the year, effervescent nightlife, relaxing resorts, beautiful beaches, amazing golf courses, beautiful national parks and first class games are he reasons why I included this destination in Top     Beaches in the world.